About Us

Our lifetime love affair with antiques is on display at our shop in Chardon, Ohio.  Valentine Antiques located on the Historic Chardon Square has thousands of items exquisitely arranged to intrigue the most discriminating shopper.  Our low key approach allows you to browse at your leisure or you can tap into our collective experience to learn more about the myriad of treasures in our shop.

We have always loved the thrill of the hunt.   It’s the “Aha!” moment when you find the perfect piece.  It’s the afternoons spent bonding with friends.  It’s the stories you share years later with family and friends.  Valentine Antiques is where these things happen every day.  Valentine Antiques is where treasures await.

Linda & William


I was introduced to my first antique market 45 years ago.  The thrill of the “find” has never left me in all these years. I have always loved the uniqueness of antiques and surrounded my family in their warmth and beauty.   The older I get the more I appreciate and value relics from the past.  Now I have an opportunity to help others see the superb advantages of living, decorating and investing in antiques.  The best thing about owning an antique shop is now when I find a treasure and I’m contemplating acquiring it, William no longer says, “But where will you put it?”  He has wholeheartedly embraced our foray into the business world.  He is our main source of moral support and keeps us fueled with his gourmet meals.  On occasion one might even find him working in the shop.  This is truly a family endeavor.


My love for antiques is all in the quest.  Will my next purchase be a beat up trunk that needs some love and attention to restore its original charm?  There is grace and beauty in taking something old and making it new again.  Will I find a precious marriage certificate written in fancy script and decorated with roses and doves – the kind they just don’t make any more?  I take great joy in sharing my appreciation of the workmanship and detail in antiques with others.


I love the care, attention and craftsmanship artisans put into building signature pieces of furniture, or folk art whirligigs.  Every antique has a history relating to the maker and about each and every owner.  I’m fascinated by the stories people tell about their treasures:  whom they were with and where they were when they got the antiques, or tales and facts known about an antique’s origin.  These stories make antiques more than possessions.  They become a part of our life story.